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New Jesse Malin interview in B.S zine #33

Issue 33 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!) rock'n'roll zine Bubblegum Slut is out now and includes an in-depth interview with Jesse Malin, covering D-Generation and last year's brief reunion, On Your Sleeve and Mercury Retrograde amongst other topics...

Full contents and ordering info



Justin Hawkins
The Damned
Amanda Palmer
- The Dresden Doll on her first solo record
The Glitterati
Jesse Malin
Backyard Babies
Ruby Throat
(Katie Jane Garside - QueenAdreena)
Britny Fox
Danko Jones
The London Cowboys
Steel Panther
(formerly Metal Skool)
Brijitte West
Maple Bee
Bernie Dexter
- the pin-up queen's style tips and first fashion range

The Nine Lives Of The Stray Cats
- in-depth retrospective on the rockabilly revivalists, following their farewell tour last autumn
Chinese Democracy - a full appraisal of the long-awaited Guns 'n' Roses release, plus the UK launch party at London's Paradise City club, and Warrior Soul providing a track-by-track guide to their controversial limited edition album of the same name!
Underrated Albums - Bubblegum Slut's writers nominate the records that every home should have, but probably doesn't.
Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios - Sharks man Alan Wilson on the little slice of rockabilly heaven in the South West that he calls Western Star Studios.
Songs To Spank To - on reading in an all-together more mainstream publication that paramedics reckon the Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' is the best song to kick start a heart to (it's all in the rhythm, apparently) we got to wondering what music other professionals find helps them to best do their job. And so struck upon a great excuse to quiz a group of pro-dominatrix’s…
Songs From A Wasted Youth : These Animal Men
LondonEdge Feb 09 - the UK's largest fringe fashion showcase turns 10!

And more than 100 gig, CD, book & dvd reviews, all wrapped up in a full colour cover, featuring more exclusive Sumpdoggy artwork and Bubblegum Slut’s trademark fake-fur heart!

Including tracks from The Adjusters, Fight The Empire, Rock 'n' Roll Monkey & The Robots, The Barbarellatones (feat. Nina Hagen!), Honeygun, Komodo Wagon, A Sailor's Grave, The Drowners, Harlots Of Beyond, Bellanova, Hundred Million Martians (feat. Hanoi Rocks' Mike Monroe!), Cream Pie, Mongrel, Diva Suicide & Johnny Zhivago.

Copies can be ordered via PayPal from our MySpace for £2.40 including UK postage, or £3.00 R.O.W. Find PayPal buttons in the ‘About Me’ section at;
Alternatively cheques and postal orders can be made payable to ‘A. Bateman’ at 27 Stores Lane, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0LH (UK orders only)

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