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Fred O

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present from a newbie

Jesse Malin is New York Love.

By cafe405

hey everyone i've been huge fan of jesse for a while, glad there's a community. oh and i had my icon first :P
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That's great, I'm just gonna have to use it on my user info page. <3
haha, go for it ;)
aww i really like it!
I saw Jesse Malin last night at the Horseshoe Tavern! Awesome!
I'd enjoy one with the full band. I was supposed to go see Jesse tonight in Buffalo, but my friend[who happens to be in the band, haha hence me enjoying a full band one] who said he'd give me a ride decided he wasn't going...which sucks. oh well, I'll see him another time, I was interested in seeing Jesse and Christine solo though...just to compare to the full bands shows.
It was pretty mellow, without the full band. Christine's keyboards were awesome, and the melodic nuances really come out when it's just vox, guitar and keyboards.