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Jesse Malin ~ New Album out April 7th 2008!


Jesse Malin - On Your Sleeve [CD Album]

1. Looking For A Love (Neil Young)
2. Rock And Roll Radio (Ramones)
3. Sway (Rolling Stones)
4. Russian Roulette (Slime)
5. Gates Of The West (Clash)
6. Me And Julio Down By The School Yard (Paul Simon)
7. You Can Make Them Like You (The Hold Steady)
8. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
9. Harmony (Elton John)
10. Rodeo Town (The Kills)
11. Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
12. Operator (Jim Croce)
13. I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love (Tom Waits)
14. Everybody’s Talking (Harry Nilsson)

"Jesse Malin - On Your Sleeve

Recorded over seven days and featuring interpretations of classic singer-songwriters Tom Waits and Neil Young, contemporary greats such as The Hold Steady and The Kills, punk icons The Ramones and The Clash, Lou Reed and even a Sam Cooke standard – Jesse tips his hat to a small collection of writers that inform his unique musical identity and appeal. As a performing songwriter, Jesse appreciated the challenge of covering unique melodies not of his own design. Or, as Jesse puts it: “seven days of crazy fun, trying on other peoples’ clothes in my own apartment…” The new album will be out on 7th April."
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