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jesse_malin's Journal

Jesse Malin Fans
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A Jesse Malin community. Because a lot of people love him, but a lot more should!

Jesse is the former frontman of punk band D Generation and has gone solo -- his album The Fine Art of Self Destruction is available now. You might have seen him open for Ryan Adams; you might have noticed Ryan's name on Jesse's CD as 'Producer'.

Writing has always been an exorcism. If I didn't have these songs I don't know what I'd do. Records can kind of save your life. The good ones make you want to do something; quit school or run down the street with your friends or fall in love or break up or cry. I thought this album would be more intimate, but it turned out to be more of a rocking record. -- Jesse Malin

A few nice and easy guidelines:
- Stay on topic as much as possible.
- dOn'T tYpE lIkE ThIs
- Legible grammar, please?

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